Coffeehouse: Mon-Fri 7am-4pm | Sat & Sun 8am-2pm
Wine Café: Mon-Thurs 11am-10pm | Fri-Sat 11am - 11pm
Sunday Brunch 10am - 2pm | Sunday Music Nights 5pm - 9pm | Starts March 22!


Dinner & Drinks

With over 150 wines to choose from, an exquisite dinner menu by our chef, and an organic coffeehouse, there's something tasty waiting for everyone at Modena Wine Café.


Modena, Italy

They make two things very well in Modena. Scarlet Ferraris, and sparkling wines. We can't offer you a V-12, but some of the wine choices we have for you are just as exhilarating.


Dinner & Drinks

Whether you're in the mood for red or white, a snack or a supper, peace or a party, Modena Wine Café has what you're looking for.



It tastes better, it's better for our community, it's better for our planet. We don't think you'll find... well, anything better.



Closed a deal at work? Celebrating an anniversary? Or just relaxing with friends? Whatever your story, we have a wine to inspire you.


Grilled Cheese: But Not As You Know It

Our incredible grilled cheese creations feature the freshest, most delicious cheeses and charcuterie cuts direct from Italy... ask about our evening special!



Our mouthwatering small plates feature some of the finest cheeses, tastiest cuts and freshest accoutrements you will ever experience. Together with our vast wine selection, they're quite the pair.



Some wine establishments like their wines to glare silently down at the masses from imposing racks. We'd rather you just enjoyed drinking them.


Perfection On A Plate

Our exceptional chef has concocted some of the most delicious new twists on contemporary cuisine you'll ever taste. Tasting is believing.


Bubbles Never Go Out Of Style

When you have the chance, celebrate. Life is for living.


Happy Hour

Our Happy Hours are the best in town...
1/2 off all wines by the glass and tapas

Denny Driscoll Plays Modena Wine Cafe

Denny Driscoll plays at Modena Wine Cafe every other Wednesday!
No charge for great music!